A SIM failure home remedy

by Ka Edong on October 24, 2005

I thought it was time to retire Brosia, my Smartphone. But the Internet buys me a little more time and offers a home remedy.

A little backgrounder. I use a dual-SIM. This comes in handy when I want to try out a Globe or G-Cash service. I don’t need to open up my cellphone to switch to a Globe SIM from my regular Addict mobile SIM.

I subscribed to a G-Cash/BPI service and the promodizer recommended a SIM upgrade. Later-on, after I filled up the upgrade request, he took back his recommendation and said hwag nalang mag-upgrade.

But while I was in South Africa, I lost my Globe signal (my SIMS were on roaming). When I got back in the Philippines, I still didn’t have a signal.

To make a long story short, I was getting a “SIM Failure” error message and had to get replacement SIMs to isolate the problem. In the meantime, I’ve retired my dual-SIM.

And guess what fixed my SIM Failure problem?! Tissue paper and masking tape! Yup yup! After using a dual-SIM for more than a year, the SIM casing became too loose for a regular SIM.

I had to put some padding to press the SIM more firmly unto the cellphone SIM contacts. Now there’s a folded piece of tissue stuck to the battery to press the SIM unto the phone.

Haaaayyy … another mission accomplished by McGyber.

Ka McEdongGyber


  • AnP

    MangGyver po, ang pinoy version. hahaha.

    Interesting how tech problems are solved sometimes. Our technician (we had a comp shop in Greenhills way back then) used to “babad” boards sa tubig with sabon. haha.

  • honga pala! MangGyber nga pala. I’ve used that in the past.

    babad sa tubig na may sabon! whew, first time to hear something like that. but if it works it works.

    ka edong

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