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by Ka Edong on August 16, 2008

I have a friend, Ricky, who had a website running for a couple of years now. After hosting his website with a certain company, he no longer found it necessary to get a webhost. He explained that he didn’t have much cash and that he’s been hosting a big part of his website at google pages, anyway.

I thought it was rather impractical for Ricky to forego his current webhost. Especially since I use the same webhost and am completely satisfied with their service.

Ricky asked me to send me some references to help him make some webhosting decisions.

This is what I sent him, a Web Hosting Guide from WebHostingGeeks.com.

The website has a rich collection of web hosting ratings from top 10 webhosts evah, best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best ecommerce hosting etc.. Wow, I didn’t know webhosting has become that specialized.

I was looking for a country-based ranking, wanting to see if they have a comparative for the Philippines. There wasn’t any.

I personally use ploghost.com for my hosting needs. It’s been very satisfactory. There were times when I had some quick questions which were promptly addressed via email and sometimes even via SMS. That’s customer service!

Well, goodluck Ricky in making your decision. Hope this helps!

ka edong


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