Chikka Tip: Send free SMS over and over and over ….

by Ka Edong on August 17, 2006

Ever encountered the “anti-spam” feature of Chikka that says your recipient needs to reply to your Chikka account for you to continue sending free text to your recipient? Here’s a work-around…

  1. Remove your friend’s name from your buddy list
  2. Add your friend’s name to your buddy list

Voila! Chikka thinks your buddy is a new name and you get a fresh set of free SMS message you can send to the same old buddy.

I got this tip from former office-mate, Katherine (o-ha!), our official Chikka Babe!

ka edong
i’m too texty for my shirt

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  • ah, thats good.. hehe thanks for the tip 🙂

    • art


  • welcs! 😀

  • another tip, ask your buddy to register for his/her own chikka account before you try to send a message. After he/she registers, send him/her a message then ask to reply on your chikka’s original message. Then ok na yan… you can send your entire chikka credits on that number 😀 Costs P5.00 on your buddy’s part though 😛

  • raffhy

    hahahaha,,thanx for d tip

  • if you have gmail and google talk, you can send text messages to other phones by adding them as contacts. the format is

    xxx = carrier access code
    yyyyyyy = subscriber mobile number

    free text messages!

  • honga pala, read about that at pinoytechblog. haven’t tried it though …

  • the chikka via googletalk works smooth and i’m not even using the official googletalk client. i just used gaim and it works fine. however i think you will no longer be allowed to send after you have sent 3 messages (or is it 5) unless your textmate replies.

  • 😉 the trick eludes some people

  • Hmmm, I used but I don;t think they have a similar system. I can send all my credit to anyone I like there, but chikka looks fun, think I might check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

  • fredrick

    tanks 4 tis opportunity

  • Mardy

    Please help, I cannot download chikka for free texting on my computer, only the orange color comes out without text on my computer. thanks

  • Hi Mardy,

    Try Chikka Javalite
    Or try asking

    ka edong

  • Ian

    tnx sa paalala, salamat sa tip.

  • ron

    is it really working? rep asap. thx

  • yes. why don’t you try it?

  • mike

    pano poh 20 credits lng pano dayain un!

  • alex

    chikka on linux…
    there is a plugin for gaim to add chikka’s protocol. it is called chix. But i think, it hasnt been updated for a while so it will only work on older versions of gaim.

  • kewl! Salamat sa info

  • ka edong mas sure na mawala yung spam kung yung icon ng chikka ay iclose mo o clik to close..pero you notice na yung icon message still there , then click again the icon from the desktop…mawawala yung spam..try

  • thanks for the tip, dien!

  • john buenaventura

    bkit mgulo ang chikka. pag nagttxt ako my reply skin i need to register first.. pro pag nman nagreregister ako sabi nman my cellphone is already registered. db ang gulo ky as of now dp rin ako nkkgmit ng chikka.. what should i do.. please help me!! john from japan

  • khirbz

    for ka edong:

    sir, paano po ba mag-send nung entire chikka credits sa celfone number ng buddy mo? thanks in advance… 🙂

  • di ko gets tanong mo

  • dingdong

    naka tipid nga kayo ,meron talaga na limit pa rin yan,bigla nalang ma close ang account mo.

  • Send a free, fast and reliable SMS for free to the whole world without any hassling or registration –

  • khirbz

    for ka edong:

    meron kc ako nabasa from an above comment:

    jepoy on 20 Aug 2006 at 11:15 am: 3

    another tip, ask your buddy to register for his/her own chikka account before you try to send a message. After he/she registers, send him/her a message then ask to reply on your chikka’s original message. Then ok na yan… you can send your entire chikka credits on that number 😀 Costs P5.00 on your buddy’s part though 😛

    NOTE: does this mean you can share or send load from your chikka credits to a celfone number you wish to? (i.e., pasa-load or share-a-load)



  • hi i would like to know if i already consumed the 20 txt alloted for the would i still be able to have another 20 alloted txt for the next day? 20 txt per day? thanks

  • i love it: )

  • Yeah according to khirbz:
    pede po bang ipasa ang Chikka Account Credit through CELLPHONE??

  • jhomssss

    hindi po pwede ipasa ang credits ng chikka..

    @jessel: machecheck mo ung balance mo dun sa option then click mo ung credits..

  • jay

    to anyone out there…
    i just want to know wat if i send mms chikka, will the chikka deduct it from the recipient? thanks

  • jhomssss

    bgo mo isend ang mms itatanong sau kung san mo gs2 i charge ang bayad.. sau o sa recepient..

  • tool

    pano po ung add buddy pag nag add ako lumalabas mobile not supported? you must visit pano po kya un…

  • tool

    mobile phone provider not supported at this time. for a currecnt list of partner telco carriers visit http;?

  • You can also Send SMS Through Chikka Using Gmail Chat

  • Don

    me problem ba chikka ngayon? googletalk gamit ko laging naka offline…..any solution? thanks …

  • gian

    hay 3 days na hndi nakakarecieved ng text ung tnetext ko…bakit ano po ang problema ngaun ng chikka…

  • shrek

    hi guys, bakit di ako makasend ng MMS sa new version ng chikka.. pagtry ko laging ngcoclose ang chikka ko.. THanks

  • why cant i send messages to 0906 and 0905?..

    • irish

      u should start po kasi d number using 63..ex.639061234578

  • babyjhing

    i love it!!!kapag naubos alloted credit u 4 d day…ngreload xa d next day…sometimes it dosn’t take 24hrs…ngrereload xa agad…it’s a big help tlg…

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  • mhonzy

    Im using 2 chikka account with the same numbers of my buddy, so it incase i did use all my credit. I use the 2nd account till the 1st account reset the load again. so i dont have to worry of NO MORE LOAD. lol

    • edge

      good day pano yung nrreset ang load?

  • thanks for the tip, mhonzy

  • Thanks sa mga tips like add like removing and adding your buddy into the buddy list hehehe. Kung about naman sa limit na 20 text eh mag gawa ka ng madaming account. Right now I had 5 chikka accounts. Pag naubos yung 20 free text nung isa, gamitin ko naman another account ko.

  • VReality

    o nga. minsan di pede sa 0905 and 0906.

  • MayFutaDeto

    siya nga pala. pag naubos credits mo. register ka ulit ng bagong account-no need to register cellphone number para mas mabilis.

  • riotE

    I recently tried and their sms really works. I send sms to a friend and my friend can reply from his mobile. That’s cool.

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  • chikka on wap meron n. hehe..astig png txt..

  • Jenny

    hi guys,

    any advice why I also can’t send sms using the new chikka, it suddenly disconnect once i try sending message. Any suggestion?

  • chelle

    Hi! good day! ask ko po sana pano mg cancel ng chikka account? palagi kasi nababawasan load ko. like kahapon, nagpaload ako 25. & then pg check ko, 10 nlna natira. it always happen. HELP anyone. thanks!

  • Jason

    HELLO.. Bka meron marunong sa inyo mag-Install ng maraming CHIKKA sa isang PC.. ala Yahoo-Multi.. may nkita na kasi ako gumawa nun.. Sana matulungan nyo ko. THANKS!

  • hanna

    hello guys

    i want to ask bakit yung chikka 0905 0906 di pwede tsaka may credit limit pa sya, may lam ba kayo na pwedeng makapag text from pc to cp free of charge and wala pang credit limit?

  • JANE


  • patrick

    mierda ang chikka na 2 d mktnggp ng txtang asawa q plgeng ganun eh bket ba ano ba nngyyre lge snsbe na maintenance pra mas mpbles lge ganun wala nmn nbbgo.

  • Tishee

    How will I know if i can send sms for free now using my cellphone???? pls help me!!!

  • Tishee

    How will I know if i can send sms for free now using my cellphone???? pls help me!!! thanks so much!!

  • unduppyJuibia

    Hi all!

    As a fresh user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this site 🙂

  • rana

    hi i am rana saha from india. i want to send smart mobile msg. so how i send my msg from computer to his modile. plz give me any web site . here india have many free web site like way2sms , 160@by2 , smsclub and other have there any free web site plz give me

  • joan

    hi po..hindi po ba pwde mag send ng mms sa sariling mong phone? ano po ba meaning ng CTP error invalid mms msg type?

  • Anidsinsagtar

    Sorry about that, but we need very urgently to contact the administrator There has not been able to find the feedback. Thank you!

  • nakidaan

    bkit mgulo ang chikka. pag nagttxt ako my reply skin i need to register first.. pro pag nman nagreregister ako sabi nman my cellphone is already registered. db ang gulo ky as of now dp rin ako nkkgmit ng chikka.. what should i do.. please help me!! john from japan

    –> ang gawin nyo po, forgot password kayo tpos send to mobile at papasok dun password nyo. automatic kasi kpg tnxt kayo gamit ang chikka nagiging member na din.

  • Dwrek

    Im new in this chikka, just asking will the reciever be charged from my message???

  • susai

    some times i have the problem of sending messages through chikka espacially when the number starts with although smart 090 please can you help me to work on that, i will be thankful to you for it thanks.

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  • cbdeclaro

    how may we be able to access chikka using wap on our cellphones? ano po ang wap site? ty..

  • another tip is to log out of chikka and log back in.. you enable the remember username and pass so you can send msgs again to the same recipient in just 2 clicks

  • Hello

  • well this is my story regarding their super SUCKing service. Like all that has used isend We registered to think that it is convenient to load our CELLphone airtime credits and can be used for emergencies but i was WRONG, they suck really bigtime and I went trough the same process as unblocking my “ASSUMED fradulent account” by those Bitches. I was unblocked and got to use it on a day but not until I shutdown my PC for a couple of hours and then when I switch on again my PC login to chikka, pressing isend button then there it goes a message says “I was BLOCKED” WTF? My account was already unblocked then I emailed them many times but they cannot do anything, They are incompetent fools. Then i tried many times to login logout of chikka and isend then it just worked amd i was able to use isend. I thought it was fixed whatever they did or so I thought they DID something to fix it But I was wrong they did not do anything and the problem just went away as long as I don’t turn off my PC.Then this cycle Repeats itself. I want to refund my credits and stay away from them but they do not want to refund it.GRRRRR I guess I have to use all my credits once I get the F&%#%*)#*$%) thing working……….. NOTE: I usually am CALM, tolerant and don’t used cursing WORDS. But they are an exception. They Better fix their DAMN service OR better yet DO NOT USE ISEND FOR CHIKKA. They are INCOMPETENT SCAMMERS!!!

  • Bipindey


  • cbdeclaro

    For never ending load, i made 10 accounts sa chikka. Simple lng po. When you register, all u have to do is to select the “i dont have a mobile phone”. Then enter any email address.. For example, suppose ur email add is, you can make 10 accounts by entering, example2… and so on.. Chikka doesnt check whether its a real email add or not. Then there you have it! Kahit 100 accounts ang gawin mo, d ka na maubusan ng load. Try po nyo, then post some comments d2.tnx

    • jervy

      it worked! thanks dude.

  • inanteeexcica

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  • miki

    help nmn sana kayo bago lng ksi me d2 pwede nyo ba ako tulungan kung paano mag text …..please

  • roberto

    ako kalng

  • grace

    Why i cant send msg thru the new version of chikka which is the beta? pls help me.. thanks

  • sugoi

    then download this old version
    Ver. v04.03.00.000

  • B8

    hi! how can i use chikka thru my phone? i can access the site but the window that where you supposed to type in the message does not appear.

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  • Thank you for great post!

  • siaske

    try this one…

    – enroll multiple chikka accounts
    – send up to 20 sms per telco operator without adding/deleting chikka buddy

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  • Robialoanny

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  • unpawswange

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  • free sand sms

  • guys how am i gonna remove my friend’s name? pls tell me. thanks in advance

  • hi

  • himsta na po

  • angeli

    i need help.. it says on my chikka account when i text:

    you have no more remaining credits with provider Globe Telecom (PH) for reload on 08/30/10. Receiving a message from a phone will reload 2 credits
    what should i nood. need help ASAP

  • Angeli

    NEED HELP PLEASE.. it says on my chikka account when i text:

    —-> “you have no more remaining credits with provider Globe Telecom (PH) for reload on 08/30/10. Receiving a message from a phone will reload 2 credits”

    what should i do. need help ASAP

  • Hm, So i’m ok with this however not fully certain, therefore i am going to research even more.

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  • Jessa

    09128123293 need textmate ung matino

  • wathaaaaa heheheheh just joking

  • dan

    ang dami po ng globe credits than smart, wat does it mean? more send na txt sa globe or more reciv na txt fr globe? ty

  • HannaKim89

    Uhmm, hi? Need help here. 🙁 After uninstalling-reinstalling my Chikka app (same device,same number) meron ng nagsilitawan na messages and contacts na hindi naman sa akin. After updating the app Hindi na ako nanonotify kapag may messages unless iopen ko yung app. I’m really confused kasi yung ibang contacts na napunta sa acct ko e mga kakilala ng bf ko na hindi ko alam kung paano napunta sa acct ko. And Now I’m receiving messages ng mga naglalandian na hindi ko alam kung sino yun pero sana hindi naman yung boyfriend ko!!! I dk, help? Anyone? Pano nangyari yun???

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