My wrist hurts. Bind the pinky

by Ka Edong on August 21, 2006

I hurt my wrist from extended hours of computer use. It’s something like carpal tunnel syndrome.

It wasn’t because of my mouse nor touchpad.

I figured it was because of how I hit the “shift” or “enter” key of my keyboard. I use my right pinky finger and twist my wrist while maintaining my right index finger on the “j” key.

It puts my wrist in an akward position that becomes stressful after hundreds of repetitions.

Some cures I’m trying:

– 1-minute micro-rests every 2 hours or so to stretch my muscles
– I disabled my pinky by binding my pinky to my ring finger with scotch tape. This prevents me from over-extending my pinky and twisting my wrist into the erring position.
– Rest. I’m limiting computer usage especially during this 3-day weekend.

Rest is the key. (Am typing via mobile phone)

Let’s see if my wrist improves.

ka edong
world wristling federation

p.s. Salamat, Ninoy!


  • welcome to the world of computing pain!

  • For one man, you’ve got a whole lot of computing pain, migs! 😉

  • btw, our clinic recommended cold and warm compress for my wrist

  • yeah, I do. thus it needs a blog of its own.

  • my friend, cody, wrote me:

    hope your wrist is better now. baka kasi your hands don’t rest on the keyboard or the angle is different. ewan ko din but i only get that way pag sobra yung ctrl+c ctrl+v action. hahaha.

    Yes, it’s a lot similar to the cltrl+c / ctrl+v .only it’s at the right hand. when I “force” my pinky to reach for the enter and shift keys without the rest of my fingers leaving their home keys (j, k, l).

    baka nga ergo-keyboard ang bagay sa akin. I made some adjustments sa ergo chair ko — something to do with my wrist resting too much on the keyboard. now the weight of my arm is on the arm rest instead of my wrist.

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