Globe Tattoo DSL vs. PLDT myDSL vs. wi-tribe

by Ka Edong on August 2, 2012

I had enjoyed my wi-tribe subscription for more than 18 months. I had a 1Mbps subscription at P999/mo, and I was happy with it. When I moved in to a new unit within the same condo last June, my wi-tribe Internet connection went from awesome to lonesome. I lost my wi-max signal at the unit I moved in to. And I need a broadband connection to be able to work from home.

So I applied for Globe Tattoo DSL and PLDT myDSL. Here’s my experience with the two broadband DSL providers.

I applied for BOTH Globe Tattoo DSL and PLDT DSL. I filed my application both via their hotline. They both told me that they will need to check whether their service is available at my location.

Globe Broadband Tattoo vs wi-tribe vs PLDT myDSL

Globe Broadband Tattoo vs wi-tribe vs PLDT myDSL

To start, here’s my Globe Tattoo DSL experience:


May 30, Wednesday:
Called to inquire; Filed application for subscription via phone.

Jun 3 Sunday:
I called hotline. was informed that line is available in my area.

Jun 5:
I received a call, was told that installation team is ready for scheduling. I requested Wednesday, but earliest was Thursday.

Jun 7: Installation sched 8-12noon.
Installation team arrived: 12:15pm.

Installation / Upgrade

I was informed of upsell (upgrade speed). What we opted for was to change plan to higher plan with additional landline, upgraded speed (2Mbps) and wireless router for free.

  • Package originally applied for: P999/mo, 1Mbps, regular DSL Modem, no landline
  • Package we wanted to upgrade to: P1299/mo, 2Mbps, WiFi Router, Landline, FREE Globe to Globe NDD Calls forever

I called hotline to find out what needs to be done to upgrade to wireless router.
I Was in a call for 1 hour.

Key messages of my upgrade transaction:

  1. Initially i was told by Gia that for this transaction to happen, my 999 plan would be pre-terminated, I would be charged a pre-termination fee of P2,000. And then the 1299 plan will be given to me.
  2. I said I did not agree with that pre-termination. it doesn’t make sense. I was transferred to Jean.
  3. Jean updated the info, I will no longer be required to give pre-termination fees.
  4. Jean told me that there will be an additional installation fee of P500 for the second modem (wireless). I did not agree.

My sense is: “I am an incoming new subscriber. Do not penalize me for buying more of your services.”
Jean helped me by taking note of my concern. She said that based on her annotation, I can file a “dispute” if I am charged with a second installation fee. It’s not the best setup. I would have appreciated it better if she just put in that we agreed to waive the second installation fee. Oh well, I’ll take it.

Just when she was about to give me the reference number for her annotation, the phone call got cut — we had reached 1 hour on the call.

I told my honey: “If she calls me to give me the reference number, I would be impressed.” I waited a few minutes. When I didn’t get a call from Jean, I made the call.
I was answered in a Visayan dialect. I was pleased to find out that they have a Visayan call center. Good job on localization!
Unfortunately, I was routed to the wrong call center. Maybe it was the keys I pressed in the IVRS.
I was transferred to a second call center agent – Cenon.
And then I was transferred to a third call center agent. This third agent was able to access Jean, so I spoke to Jean directly (after around 20 minutes into the second call).

When I spoke to Jean, it was like talking to an old friend. She apologized for not calling me back after the dropped call.
We had a little fun banter, I told her: “I was almost … almost impressed! If we had only another 2 minutes in that call (we got cut at the 60 minute mark), we would have completed the transaction.”
Alas, I needed to go through the second set of 3 customer service representatives just to secure the annotation of Jean.

We ended well. I was able to get the reference number I was looking for. I will use this when I have the 2nd installation fee reversed.

While I was talking to Jean, the installation team came back from their work at a nearby Globe technical box.
They completed their work. And I had an internet connection by 2:15pm. Not bad! I’m happy.

Goodbye wi-tribe hello Globe Broadband Tattoo

Goodbye wi-tribe hello Globe Broadband Tattoo

Quality check. Transaction completion

Lastly, I received a call from Globe once again.
It was a quality check. They verified whether my internet was now working.
They verified whether the installation team went through the complete checklist of things to say and do.
That’s the part that got me impressed. They sure did good service today.

Areas of improvement:

1.) The installation team could have come in earlier.
2.) Just as a bonus, it would be good to inform the subscriber to get a gate pass in the residence prior to the arrival of the installation team. Otherwise, that would have been another cause of delay.

For my experience, in the DSL service competition between PLDT DSL vs. Globe Tattoo DSL
Winner: Globe Tattoo DSL

I Choose Globe Broadband Tattoo

I Choose Globe Broadband Tattoo

Here are links to the three providers mentioned in this article:

Post script

p.s. Wi-Tribe has served me well. I got a good connection from them for 1 year and 10 months. But when I moved units, the connection went down to zero. I know that it’s because of the location. Let’s see whether my neighbors will be interested on taking on my WiTribe.

P.p.s. PLDT myDSL never got back to me. I filed an application via phone call. They never called me back to inform me whether PLDT DSL is available in my area. They just lost one customer 😉 .

p.p.p.s I am happy with my Globe Tattoo DSL line. There’s a side story though. A few days after installation of my 1Mbps Globe Tattoo subscription,  I followed-up my upgrade. I was told that I would have to be given an ADDITIONAL 2 year lock-in period because I was getting an upgrade. “Preposterous!” (naks!). Long story short, after speaking to more than 10 customer service representatives, Anthony (employee number ZTCM 0361) resolved the issue. He took responsibility, saw how “preposterous” it was to give me an additional 2 year lock-in, and simply waived the lock-in. Commendation to you, Anthony!



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  • Anonymous Pinoy

    ayos. I’ll be having globe dsl plan 1299 installed by tomorrow. Is it right the monthly fee would be fixed 1299 for both internet and phone?

  • Roucelle

    The idea that Globe is better because of their customer service is FALSE.

    In my case, I called them to fix my line Thursday. They scheduled a visit on Friday and when I called to follow up to reschedule it on Saturday, THE CALL CENTER AGENT WAS NOT EVEN LISTENING. SHE DIDNT SCHEDULE IT. Now it is Saturday, and all the can give me is bullshit and excuses. Their CSRs do not pay attention to the customer. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS REVIEW, GO FOR PLDT. DO NOT GO FOR GLOBE. IT IS A BAD DECISION. – from a current GLOBE DSL USER.

    • ka_edong

      Hi Roucelle,
      I agree that we have different experiences.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Now our readers have more stories to base their decision on.
      Different folks, different strokes.
      Apir 😉 !
      ka edong

  • Nickyz

    musta globe plan niyo? I having problem since my Globe Plan connected. Ever heared about FUP? 2mbps is only for 5g, if hyou reached 5g slow your connection into .7mbps. They said it will reset by 12:01 but as per my monitoring it almost 3am and my speed still .7mbps. Plus the hidden charges. Plan 1299 is plus with tax. Bad descision on my part choosing Globe DSL

  • Maria Nora Soriano

    Call agents taking your Globe complaints are like DOTA. Don’t know your helpful allies. Don’t know your useless allies. I missed the time I confronted a desk person. And when things were done well or badly, the fear of HRD complaint gave them the chills. Today, untraceable.

    • champ

      hmmm sa ibang globe agents ganyan experience ko, pero hindi lahat. malalaman mo yan pag nagwork ka as CSR.
      Hindi lahat ng concern, sila nagha-handle. Taga tanggap lang din sila ng concern natin at kailangan nilang i-coordinate sa concerned team.

  • Maria Nora Soriano

    Globe must also perfect its customer system on matters of billing. You must read the small details at the back of your bill account. You’ll be surprised of sneaking items they add without notice or consent. And braced for repartee with the call agents.

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