Hyper Speed: Smart Communications’ new 4G LTE Network [Video Demo]

by Ka Edong on August 18, 2012

“Live Faster! Live More!” says Smart Communications’ new 4G LTE service. I had a chance to try out the service at the recent G|Philippines.

The service provides a download speed of up to 42Mbps . In the demo, we got a 32Mbps speed, that’s 10 times my P1,299 Globe Broadband 3Mbps subscription.

Smart Communications 4G LTE Network. Live Faster. Live More.

Smart Communications 4G LTE Network. Live Faster. Live More.

I love the possibilities! With this service, I can expect to have higher resolution video on demand. I can watch TED Talks all day! 😀 I can get watch all the high-res movies I want. I can choose which videos or movies I want to watch, any time, even at a whim.

Gone will be the days when I have to ask Lawrence to download some movies and get back to him the next day to ask if the download is complete. Now, it will be done in almost an instant!

I also imagine watching high-resolution live streams. Being able to teleconference in high-resolution. It’s going to be awesome!

So many possibilities with this hyper speed broadband. I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s a video of the new 4G LTE network of Smart Communications:

I hear from Endgadget that the LTE service will be selling for P3,500 at selected cities in the Philippines.

ka edong


  • 4G LTE is great for computer rental businesses because it loads faster than most online connections. Php 3,500 is pretty steep but it should be well worth it.

    • ka_edong

      hmmmm….. That’s an idea. I wonder if there are any clauses limiting the use of LTE to personal/home compared to commercial use.

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