Reverse Phone Lookup

by Ka Edong on August 19, 2008

How would you like to know the general location of any cellphone or telephone number?

How would you like to know the name and address of any cellphone or telephone number?

There’s a service called which allows users to type in a telephone or cellphone number and get the location of the number for free. For a fee, you can lookup the name and address of the number.

This service is available for the US and Canada.

This could come in useful if you’re getting prank calls. It can be used to trace missed calls.

This would be useful sana to catch some of the scammers preying on Pinoy mobile phone users.

Unfortunately, in the Philippines, it’s so easy to get a prepaid SIM and stay anonymous. Anybody can just buy a prepaid SIM and use it for whatever purposes, even illegal transactions. Well, there are good people and bad people, good uses and bad uses too.

When I got my prepaid SIM in the US last year, I had to sign multiple documents (for compliance, I’m sure). There were some waivers and certifications and all sort of contract stuff. The attendant summarized it in a few words: “By signing, you’re signifying that your not a terrorist nor will you use the phone for illegal purposes.”

I wonder if a trace number reverse lookup will ever be available to the public in the Philippines. Eh kung pag-hanap pa nga lang nga scammers, ‘di magawa ng telcos at ng NBI, eh. 🙁 tsk tsk tsk.

Try it out for free. See which part of the US your friends are at. Key in their US or Canada numbers at and you’ll find their general location.

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