Smart Bro canopy is now “myBro” Wireless Home Broadband

by Ka Edong on July 26, 2012

Gone is Smart Bro canopy and Wimax (home based fixed wireless internet). Now the service is called myBro . This is a result of streamlining of similar products/services between sister companies Smart and PLDT.

The product is also being focused towards Wireless Home Broadband. I see that the SmartBro USB Dongles are still available, and with a whole lot more variants. Smart Bro has “Internet only” SIMs too (without the dongle). Those Internet only SIMs can be used iPad or dongles or personal wireless WiFi modems. I wonder if the product-service streamlining of Smart and PLDT takes Sun into consideration too.

I find it interesting how the rebranding of Smart Bro is happening. They are using the “Bro” imaging to help consumers in making the transition of awareness from SmartBro to my Bro.

Smart and PLDT Wireless Broadband Services Infographic

Smart and PLDT Wireless Broadband Services Infographic. Click image to zoom in.

Here’s a comparison of the available wireless internet products:

SmartBro Wireless home broadband is now myBro

SmartBro Wireless home broadband is now myBro.
Click image to zoom in.

Reference, a Smart Bro product comparison that hadn’t been updated yet with myBro

Furthermore, while PLDT myDSL is home based wired internet via PLDT’s phone lines, myBro is wireless internet using the cellular network of Smart .

Here are some FAQs for myBro:

1. What is myBro?
Smart bro Canopy and Wimax will now be the new myBro Wireless Home. It is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber´s PC.

2. What is the difference of myBro and SmartBro?
myBro is the former brand of all the broadband services of Smart which includes Mobile Broadband services of Smart, which are Plug-it, Pocket Wifi, etc. and Fixed Broadband which are Bro Canopy and Wimax. On June 26, the Fixed Wireless variants ­ Canopy and Wimax ­ will now have a new brand name under myBro. This is now included under the HOME megabrand powered by PLDT and Smart.

7. Where will subscribers apply for a myBro connection?
The myBro service will be available for application at any Smart Stores or PLDT Business Office nationwide, or through any accredited Smart or PLDT sales agents.

8. Where can I learn more about our myBro plans?
You may learn more about the myBro plans by visiting the any Smart Store, accredited PLDT Home reseller or calling *1888 from your Smart cellphone.

9. Where do we call for concerns on our myBro plans?
You may call *1888 from your Smart cellphone and our friendly customer service representative will assist you.

More FAQs at the myBro site.

Here’s are links to product pages of Smart and PLDT:

Do you have recent experiences with myBro, Smart Bro or PLDT myDSL? Tell us about it in the comments area below.

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  • maureen

    i have applied for a mybro wimax kaso until now wala pa akong nakikitang modem.2 weeks na akong action or call, kung kelan ba talaga dadating ang modem n yan.

  • angelita borata

    almost 6 months plang ung canopy n kinabit ng my bro ng smart sa amin grabe kahit facebook ng lolog,,,, kakainis,,, tapos tumatawag ako sa service center nio hanggang madaling araw grabe walang sumasagot,,,,, nag bigay pa kau ng card na tawag agad sagot agad.. wow asan na un magandang serbisyo n sinasabi nio… bagal ng aksyon nio,,,,, sayang nmn ung monthly nmnen,,,hindi po biro ang 1000….sana lng ma ivail ng mga costomer nio ang ganda ng network nio at serbisyo nio,,,,kc ung signal po na nararanasan nmen para n rin po kming gumagamit ng broadband sa sobrang bagal…

    • angelita borata


  • darwin

    ay….grabe mga comments dito, pero ako 2 years na gumagamit ng wimax internet connection yung motorola ang modem ok nman sakin paminsan minsan nga lang nawawala signal dito samin, balak ko sana change ng My BRO wireless home brodband pero nagdadalawang isip na ko baka hindi pwede lagyan ng router, my 3 destop kasi kami dito tapos 1 laptop…any suggestion regarding this?….

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