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by Ka Edong on May 23, 2008

It’s here!

It was written in the books …. well, in technology magazines and on the internet, really.

A few years ago, I read a feature in Time Magazine saying that mobile phone services will eventually become free. This will happen when advertising will be so effective on mobile phones that advertisers will *pay* just to be seen in your mobile phone.

That’s what ümobile does. They send subscriber advertisements. In exchange subscribers get cellphone load.

Interesting website they have there. Very appealing to young netizens like me. I feel as if they’re talking directly to me. 😉

I got a u code invite. I chose not to go to their service launch last Monday. But I sure would like to try their service.

How to get an invite

Send to Ï‹mobile Customer Service your:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address/es

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Some FAQ Excerpts: Who is ümobile?

ümobile is the first ad-funded mobile service provider in Asia. Our brand is all about providing mobile services that are simple, rich and creates an engaging dialogue among our customers base. Our brand name transcends a message that in everything we do and create, we only have our customers and corporate partners in mind. ümobile as a brand delivers a crisp and very catchy image that the general public can easily relate to.

ümobile is 100% permission based because our customers are fully aware that part of their subscription to our services includes mobile ad campaigns that they will receive and benefit from.

ümobile is an exclusive mobile community for 15-35 year olds. So you get mobile experience that’s rich, exciting and most of all, surprisingly free. Invites are limited. If youur application to the service is approved anytime between June 1 to August 31, 2008; ümobile subscribers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free P100 load every month for the first 6 months
  • Enhanced communication with Fring (mobile VoIP)
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Earn rewards with every ad you see
  • Mobile broadband surfing
  • PC calling with Virtual Phone * (coming soon)

(Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 2326 Series of 2008)

Scoot over to the umobile website and read over their FAQs. Get your umobile invite here.

I sure would like to try their service. I’ve got the invite already, now waiting for that SIM. Who wants an invite?

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ka edong
i’ve got u babe!


  • Hi!

    If u ever can send an invite code to me, please do so! hehe… i want to try it also. 🙂


  • if i get the chance, I’ll give you a code

  • Each ad gives you only a penny of load. The time and effort it takes you to grab your phone and delete an ad is probably worth more than a penny.

  • Hi, can you send me an invite code too? Pls pls pls? 🙂 Thanks!

  • I will send you an email, tricia. 😉

    ka edong

  • (cross posted at

    nice analysis there, mike 😉 . The comparison to a good benchmark is helpful. Nice logo too!

    I’m confident umobile has a market out there. and given enough time, umobile will help change the philippine telecom industry for the better.

    Remember how Sun was lambasted at the start for poor service. And people thought Sun wouldn’t fly? Well, it was Sun that compelled Globe/Smart to start offering their unlimited text/calls services.

    I’m seeing something similar happening eventually — for a specific niche market that can … “tolerate” ads in exchange of load.


    ka edong

  • pretty tere

    hey win,

    got a hold of umobile and right now it’s best used for prank calls and SMS! ha ha ha. ok, that is so bad but if you use it to call to smart, sun or globe, it will register as unknown number (parang some international calls) and when you use it to send sms, the receiver won’t be able to reply because ERROR! hahaha. unknown number again.

    i see umobile being a hit sa kids, students who would not want to spend their allowance on “loads” and phone bills. but honestly, this kind of service will be very annoying to most people. imagine getting 100K messages a day for ads (or not messages but ads and what have yous) diba nakakainis?! even the regular info that globe and smart sends nakakainis na nga e (or baka di lang ako marunong mag unsubscribe).

    well, this is my malanovelang comment.

    i called umobile and they are targetting 15K subscribers a month. ewan ko lang anong categories nun para maging attractive sa mga advertisers. that 15K should cover all market base from teens to the retirees so they can get advertisers across the board. pero would people with enough buying power want a umobile?

    in fairness, star-studded daw ang launch 😀

    pretty tere

  • “in fairness, star-studded daw ang launch”

    Yeah, I was there.

  • “I’m seeing something similar happening eventually — for a specific niche market that can … “tolerate” ads in exchange of load.”

    People with a lot of free time on their hands, I would wager. 😉

  • pretty tere

    for mike:

    did they present projections and market analysis during the launch? it’s taking them forever to return my call e. i inquired kasi for some clients.

    *and that should have read …regular info that globe, smart and sun send out to subscribers… (from the reply above)

    oh and mister winwin, blogbank never replied to my inquiry. i still have an auto client interested in placing ads in popular blogs. i’m thinking nga of going direct na lang sa bloggers pero sobrang hirap ng coordination and billing process nun.

    addicting pala tong sumagot sa mga comments… hmmm….

  • did they present projections and market analysis during the launch?

    Nope. Fun party, though.

  • lol!

    yup, at the very least, looks like the guys at umobile know how to throw a parteeehhh . 😉

  • We have the same concept but a different approach. We’re offering free text (alerts, reminders, greetings and plain messages) to Smart, Globe and Sun subscribers for users of our social network. Participation is rewarded with points toward the free texts.

  • Paulo

    You can get an invite code from here
    but you still need to fill out the form and keep your fingers crossed you get a sim.

  • Kris Den C. Refuerzo

    Nvite nyo din me. Plz. Il try 2.

  • Kris Den C. Refuerzo

    Gooday 2 all Nvite nyo din me. Plz. Il try 2.. Thanks

  • ok yan ah

  • mapi

    i’m really really interested with this one especially that i’ve been hearing some good news abt it.
    pls pls give me an invite code..

  • raffie

    invite code naman pls…..

  • I received an email from u mobile (by mistake) listing around 40 personalized messages addressed by name.

    Who else received that email?

    Don’t you find it intersting how u mobile is proliferating their service?

    a.) A strategy of perceived exclusivity
    b.) at the same time, a way to iron-out any early hiccups in the system.

    I wonder how they’ll reach their 15K subscribers per month.
    They’re delivering the SIM via courier right at my doorstep!
    That’s a rather expensive way to bring in subscribers, don’t you think?

    Ano bang pulse niyo dito sa u mobile?

  • me! i want an invite too!

  • angela

    an invite please! this sounds great! 🙂

  • doc.allan

    ako din po. pede pahingi din ng invite code. i really want to try umobile. thanks.

  • tristan jan lucas

    can sum1 pls give me an invite code, pls?

    i could really use one of those phones coz im going to college now..

  • tristan jan lucas

    by the email is

    tnx a lot!

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  • erickson

    am really interested about your free sim card.i just read your promo in the internet..but i do not know anyone who is already a member of umobile…i just want to ask if you can help me to have a code?thank you very mobile number is 09276401460..thanks

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