Online Branding for Homicide Suspects

by Ka Edong on June 8, 2012

“Edwin Soriano – homicide suspect!”

Yes, that’s true. There’s a case against one Edwin Soriano filed in the City of Pasig. He and his friends were airport police and are suspected of killing someone. I am not that same Edwin Soriano who is a homicide suspect.

Fortunately for me, that homicide story does not crop up when people search for “Edwin Soriano”.

I’ve had an online presence since 1999 when I returned from my 1-year teaching stint in Cuyo, Palawan. I’ve created a whole lot of online content since then. Most of what’s online about “Edwin Soriano” is all good 😉 . Nothing bad to talk about “Edwin Ka Edong Soriano” on the web.

For some people, though, they’d have some search results that are bad for their image. Whether the search results point to a dark past, or are just random coincidences, I wouldn’t want bad stories to be cropping up in search results.

What to do if any of my friends find that their names are linked to bad stories in search results? I got word about this service that helps people create good press online. It’s called and I read about it on a article .

As for me, I would just keep myself away from trouble. That’s how I’ll keep the good press and good karma coming 😉 .

Have an awesome day!

edWIN Ka Edong Soriano


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