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by Ka Edong on March 13, 2009

Last December, I met up with PSI friends in Baguio. Our conversation covered our latest updates, breakthroughs, ideas, businesses etc.

Then Tito Kokoy Reonisto asked me a technical question. Tito Kokoy owns a couple of businesses including a hotel in Baguio, Baguio Tepeyac Hotel – Chalet Tepeyac.

He shared that many of his hotel guests ask for an Internet connection at his hotel. This is useful for personal use and also very import for use by conferences or meetings.

Tito Kokoy shared that they couldn’t get a DSL Internet line in his location. And the local cable internet service doesn’t have enough subscribers in the area for them to lay-out a line to reach Tito Kokoy’s location either. I think they tried Dream Satellite, but didn’t get the results they wanted.

They tried the Smart Bro (fixed canopy antenna) but the afternoon fog in Tepeyac prevented them from getting a good and steady line-of-sight to the nearby cellsite which is pre-requisite to an internet connection.

I asked him if he has a good cellphone signal at the Hotel. He said they do have a good cellphone signal. So I gave him my recommended solution.

Bite size personal Internet via GSM Modem

I told him that he could get GSM Modems to rent out to his hotel guests. (not sure though whether this is within fair use of the service).

For example, the Smart Bro Plug It was going at P2,500 back then (it’s currently at P2,000 these days). Tito Kokoy can get, say, 10 units of the Smart Bro Plug It and have it rented out for P250 a day, then sell Smart Bro Load so the guests can manage their own Internet usage.

Smart Bro Plug It

Smart Bro Plug It

Family size Internet via GSM WiFi Modem

Back then, I had heard of the GSM WiFi Modem which receives the Internet signal via GSM and re-distributes it via WiFi. But the device wasn’t easily available over-the-counter in computer shops.

But with the release of the Smart Bro Share It, things are simpler for Tito Kokoy now. He can install the Smart Bro Share It in various hotspots within his hotel. Guests can access Internet via WiFi.

Not bad, huh?

Smart Bro Share It WiFi Router

Smart Bro Share It WiFi Router

Is the service good?

I have a standard reply here (and it’s not because I’m from Smart).

Is the service good? It depends on your location.

A friend, Clint, Texted me one time asking me if Smart Bro will work well in Antipolo. I told him it really depends on where he’ll use the Smart Bro service.

If he’ll use it inside a cave in Antipolo, I can assure him he won’t get much internet juice.

Among other things, your geographic location as well as the infrastructure around you will determine whether you have a good GSM signal and, thus, a good Smart Bro Internet signal.

I gave him a rule of thumb. Use your high-end phone to check your signal, whether you’ve got GPRS, 3G, Edge, HSDPA or HSPA. If you’ve got a good 3G, edge, HSDPA or HSPA signal, you can expect your Smart Bro Internet to work well in that same location.

It does matter, though, whether there are other Smart Bro users in the area getting their signal from the same cellsite you’re getting your signal.

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  • Hi ka edong,

    taga smart ka pala. pede bang magparefer sau kapag magaaply ako?hehehe

    .-= adrian´s last blog ..PTC 101 – Earning while Surfing part 4 (partial list) =-.

  • mimi

    hi.. i would like to know if share it works in gibraltar area. particularly baltazar barangay, at the back of mansion house.. thanks… i would really appreciate any info about this..

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