Smart Bro Pre-paid’s Key: 1 Million Loading Stations

by Ka Edong on April 19, 2008

Smart upped its Smart Bro service once again.

Now the Smart Bro plug-anywhere Internet service is available via pre-paid.

From Yugatech:

The Pre-Paid Kit for Smart Bro Mobile 3G is available for Php4,500, one-time. That includes the USB dongle, the SIM card and a 30-peso free load (that’s one and a half hours of free credits).

Smart Bro Prepaid

The pre-paid kit can be re-loaded with Smart Bro pre-paid cards worth Php100 and Php300. You cna also use e-Load to top up your account for as low as Php30 from any of the local e-Load stations (i.e. tiange)


Smart Load

Reference: Yugatech’s “Smart Bro Mobile goes Pre-Paid” article

Magaling, magaling, magaling 🙂 . I’m sure many people will like the fact that this service is:

  • Highly mobile – The dongle fits in your pocket
  • Versatile – you can use it with any computer
  • Easy entry – no monthly subscription, no requirements for subscription, just need P4,500 to purchase the dongle
  • Easy access to Internet time load – you can just load internet time whenever you want to use it, at any of 1 Million smart loading stations. — This is key!

The most attractive feature is being able to load for Internet time through any of the 1Million Smart Loading stations. It takes advantage of the wide network of tiange’s, sari-sari stores, “free-lance” loading people nationwide, gives the loading stations an additional product to “sell”.

I think more and more Smart (and PLDT) can use this strategy of adding more pre-paid loading services in their loading stations. This was the same key feature that I took note of when Smart and PLDT brought together their services under one card.

Again, as for the quality of service, I couldn’t say whether Smart will have a highly satisfactory service. They haven’t had a stellar reputation, especially in a market that demands outstanding service more and more.

I say, take this to the next level. Use those 1Million Smart Loading stations to sell (and buy!) Smart Money! C’mon, let’s have it, break free from the accessibility barrier of m-commerce!

ka edong
e-load mo na!


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