Want WiFi? Get Gas!

by Ka Edong on July 21, 2006

A trend I observed a couple of months ago. WiFi hotspots in gasoline station convenience stores.

There’s a WiFi hotspot at the Petron gas station EDSA cor Pasay Road in Makati. The WiFi hotspot is branded ConneX and the poster says it’s free free free. Same goes for Petron EDSA at Gate 5 Greenhills, San Juan.

I also see a WiFi poster at the Caltex station at Boni cor EDSA in Mandaluyong. But it’s airborne accesss and that means: not free.

Any other WiFi hotspots at gas stations that you know of?

ka edong
needs gas


  • Jett

    Naku po. Mas matagal ngayon ang hintay pag nagpapagas. Kung sa bagay, pwede naman tumambay sa tabi at maki WiFi na lang.

  • Petron Buendia corner Makati Avenue. Walking distance from the office – but Starbucks Chinabank is also free and closer.

  • Yeah wi-fi spots are emerging this days, even here in San Pablo City, Laguna one gas station named T@TAL have their wi-fi connections shared.

    i click the blogawards.ph does it have the right URL?

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