When in Roam, WeRoam

by Ka Edong on June 28, 2006

And then there’s this story of a WeRoam subscriber, a yacht maker and salesman who relies heavily on his wireless internet connection to do business from his laptop.

One time, he had to deliver a yacht to the Visayas area. He travelled at sea from Manila bay to the Visayas. The entire trip, he had a seamless internet connection care of PLDT WeRoam.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Seamless mobile wireless internet connection — and at sea!

The same can’t be said in Makati, I hear. A tweety bird whispered to me that the Ayala’s have effectively blocked out the Smart/PLDT wireless internet services in the Makati area in favor of Globe’s wireless internet services.

My reaction: Makikipag-agawan pa ba ang Ayala sa wireless internet revenues? I just think it’s not fair play and that it stifles the robustness of wireless internet in the makati area.

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  • Think Tank

    How do you think the Ayala’s able to block the Smart and PLDT Wireless?

  • From what I heard, it was biz policy (permits and all) and not technology.

    ka edongs last blog post..Twedong, week of 2009-03-01

  • Think Tank

    Well, you made me think.

    Smart may loss their wireless business to the Ayalas if they are not smart enough. Not just in Makati but all over the islands.

    The Ayalas are aware that they can’t block the skies and wireless engineers know they can send signals to Makati even their towers are not in the area. I have no idea how many wireless users around Makati but for sure, households and offices prefer wired DSL as may be most of Makati is wired.

    Look at feedbacks on wireless forums about Smartbro’s failures so why do subscribers keep the service when they can shift to Globe Wireless broadband.

    But subscribers are not satisfied with Globe too.

  • Think Tank

    So why these giant providers are not doing anything to improve their wireless services? They have done their part. It is the best that they can offer and they can’t make it any better to provide the speed to the poor Pinoy wireless subscribers. But hey, this Rougclaw guy is on the rescue and he has proven himself to be the real solution.

    I’ve been writing comments in some of those forums about why these providers can’t improve their wireless speed. In fact, Smart, Globe, Sun, PLDT(WeRoam) have done their very best. Its just their dissatisfied subscribers are beyond their reach.

    I like your page!

  • i like wireless internet because you can surf anywhere and you can avoid those ethernet cables *-,

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